In response to the YouTube video created by Russel Brand 18 July 2021 (

My only problem here is semantics… what I consider the misuse of the term ‘Capitalism’. The proper understanding of the meaning of words is important in order to avoid confusion.

Capitalism is not what you are describing in this video. Capitalism is simply a set of rules that under ideal circumstances creates a fair and free system for people to work and compete within. Of course there are never true ideal circumstances, but Capitalism comes closest to liberating the creative spirit and humanity of the individual.

Both ANTIFA and BLM have been in the news a lot lately, but very few people know what they are really about. I thought I would offer up this brief explanation.

Both ANTIFA and BLM are inspired by Leftwing Marxist teachings but they are not identical. ANTIFA is a ‘traditional’ Stalinist/Leninist Marxist revolutionary movement that seeks to create a Utopian Socialist state by creating a conflict between the working class and the capitalists through a class war. BLM is a Neo-Marxist revolutionary movement that seeks to create a Utopian socialist inspired world by creating multiple cleavages between races, ethnic groups…

I went out for a walk in my neighborhood and I noticed something interesting. There were very few political yard signs up, but those few that were present were uniformly supporting Biden.


My neighborhood is usually very politically active, and a very conservative place too. I would say 90% conservative.

So what’s up with the Biden yard signs? Does this mean my neighborhood is tired of Trump and is going to pull that Big Democratic lever on November 3, 2020?

I don’t think so.

Conservative Trump supporters are refraining from posting their usual conservative yard signs because they are…

This summer’s Marxist revolution involving BLM and ANTIFA (if you are interested in my opinion regarding the true nature of BLM and ANTIFA: The Ideologies of ANTIFA and BLM in a Nutshell) is part of an ongoing over-reaction to The Donald (or Orange Man Bad if you prefer) by the Leftist Elites (or the The Swamp or the Deep State — take your pick).

And it may very well be the undoing of them. But don’t start celebrating just yet. It may be the undoing of the rest of us as well.

During the last 50 to 70 years, the…

Cold brew coffee is amazing. The flavor of cold brew coffee is less acidic and more fruity than when you make your coffee with hot water. It also has more caffeine than traditionally brewed coffee. I love cold brew coffee. And the best thing of all is that you can easily make cold brew coffee yourself.


Traditional coffee is made by pouring hot water over ground coffee beans in a filter and collecting the liquid that slowly drips out — or pouring the hot water into a container with ground coffee and letting it steep a bit and then pouring…

  1. His arguments are based upon reason and facts, something that most Leftist find scary and incomprehensible. Most Leftists rely upon emotions such as hate and hysterical fear, and have no rational response to anything based upon logic. He makes them look stupid and unthinking. They respond by accusing him of being mean and uncaring.
  2. He DOES NOT blindly follow and worship conservative leaders but can be quite critical. If you ever listen to him talk about Trump you cannot help but notice this. But… although he is critical of Trump, and not blindly worshipful of him in the same manner…

Regarding the ongoing attacks on the Federal Courthouse in Portland and the rather tepid federal government response, I have been reading a lot of wild comments from people who I would usually agree with. People who I respect are shrieking “unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, unethical…!!!” I still respect them, but I disagree with them.

First the facts:

The Federal Courthouse in Portland has been under constant violent attack for almost 2 months by ‘attackers’ who have the tacit approval of the political leadership of the City of Portland and the State of Oregon, and perhaps even the approval of the majority…

In my humble opinion the problem with the current system in the USA, and also Western Europe, is the introduction of too much democracy at the state and national level, and too little at the local level. Mencken once said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

In 1910 the first US state used the primary system, and within a few years almost all states used them for both the Democrats and the Republicans. This is not part of the Constitution or the law in any way…

Recently I noticed that AOC came out with another one of her brilliant ideas:

When the lockdown is over we should all REVOLT and refuse to go back to work! (I paraphrase…)

I sometimes ask myself, “Why are these people so stupid? Why do they want to destroy the system that supports them?” Perhaps they are not so stupid so much as so ideological, although in the case of this poor woman either could be the case. I think ideological motivation is the simpler answer, and thus according to Occam’s razor it should be preferred.

Due to overwhelming historical failure…

I am willing to give our benevolent leaders the benefit of the doubt that when they instituted this lockdown they did so with a sincere desire to do good. There was a lot of fear and very little information… no one really knew what was going to happen.

Now we know two things:

  1. the virus is not nearly as deadly as we initially feared, and
  2. the lockdown has been ineffective at stopping the spread.

The biggest problem everyone faced was the lack of reliable data. In short no one knew the denominator, that is the number of people who…

Alexander Hay

Alexander Hay is a US lawyer now living in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Some have accused him of being a curmudgeon, but what do they know???? Noisy kids!

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