Amazon and NYC deserve each other. I find the behavior of Amazon disgraceful, but NYC and New York State aren’t far behind. Let’s hope they make each other mutually miserable and unhappy. The only people I am really sympathetic with here are the tens of thousands of struggling small businesses inundated by byzantine rules and regulations designed, implemented, and enforced by people who hate business in general. I can see those business owners and managers asking: “Where is my tax and regulatory relief?” Instead of bending and breaking every rule for one mega-company to come in and create 25,000 jobs, why don’t you instead review your entire system and ask yourself, “What would happen if we did the same for smaller businesses — or even better ALL businesses?” Now that would be something that would make Texas and other business friendly states sweat bullets.

Alexander Hay is a US lawyer now living in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Some have accused him of being a curmudgeon, but what do they know???? Noisy kids!