More Problems in the Middle East — Beginning of WW III?

If you have been paying very close attention to events in the Middle East you might have noticed some very worrisome/hopeful news. I say this because everything is confusing in the Middle East. Things that seem to be good can often be bad, and vice versa.

A few items of news that concerns me:

Israel seems to be ramping up for a major confrontation with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Syrian border at the Golan Heights. Both groups are heavily supported by Iran. see:

There has been a palace coup in Saudi Arabia with dozens of wealthy Saudi businessmen and politicians being placed under arrest and their assets seized by the government in what is claimed to be an anti-corruption program. Although this may be a purely internal affair involving different “Princes” trying to take power, the losers in this coup seem to be the same people who were supporting a much more conservative form of Islam and exporting it abroad, and the winner is a “reformer” who wishes to give rights to women and distance Saudi Arabia from the radical Islamic groups it had been supporting in the past. see:

More on Saudi Arabia — Sources claim that the Saudis are holding the Prime Minister of Lebanon hostage, and forced him to resign his post while in custody. This suggests that Saudi Arabia is preparing for a strike in Lebanon against Iran. see:

And yet more on Saudi Arabia — Saudi government issues instructions for all Saudis to leave Lebanon. see:

Saudi — Israel Alliance — It has been no secret that Saudi Arabia and Israel were very frustrated by American policy during the Obama years, and that they increased their levels of cooperation as a result. Egypt and Israel have also been working together to improve local security issues in the Sinai and Gaza. To some these moves seemed like a tacit alliance against Iran. Lately this not-so-secret secret alliance is becoming more obvious and open. Turkey has joined in. see:

Saudi-Iran Proxy War in Yemen — For years Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have been fighting a proxy war against Iran in Yemen. Iran has been supporting Houthi rebels who are also Shi’ites against the pro Saudi Yemen government. Recently the Houthi Rebels fired an advanced ballistic missile at the Saudi capital of Riyadh. A missile that could only have been provided by Iran. Possibly even manned by Iranians. see:


Well depending upon what the Russians do, Iran is looking very isolated and alone. Trump has been talking of abandoning the agreement worked out by Obama and the Iranians. If the Russians and the Syrians do not step up to support Iran who will?

Possible Consequences:

  • World War III — Things get out of hand and the conflict spreads everywhere. A real possibility considering the terrible relations between Russia and the USA caused by the endless but unproven allegations of Russian interference in… well everything.
  • Regional Conflict — A war that remains local to the Middle East. However, such a war is going to have international consequences if for no other reason than oil. Expect oil prices to go through the roof.
  • Nothing Happens — Even this is worrisome. Continued low level conflicts in Yemen, Gaza-Sinai, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and “Kurdistan” suggest that it is just a matter of time before things turn ugly.


As preppers we should be prepared. If a hurricane was coming we would prepare for the possibility of loss of water, electricity, communications, etc.

How do you prepare for WW III? I can only speak for myself, but I would think about how safe you are in your current location. Should you leave or hunker down? Where would you go?

How do you prepare for a Regional Conflict that might cause tremendous economic problems worldwide? This sounds to me to be a financial disaster. Increased oil prices could tank many world economies; China and India specifically, and also Europe. Other countries with large oil supplies might actually benefit: Russia, Brazil, and the USA. Do you have investments? Should you be concerned about your current portfolio?

How do you prepare for an ongoing low level conflict in the Middle East? This is a tough one. Liquidating your assets might result in real financial loss if nothing happens. In fact the markets could actually improve with a modest increase in the price of oil.

There are no silver bullets here. Good luck.