Saying what is and is not livable is a very subjective issue. What is livable for me may be unlivable for you. And vice versa. That said I think most of the cities of Georgia are very livable if you want modern infrastructure at a very reasonable price. Personally I am beginning to hate Tbilisi because it is too loud, the traffic is getting worse, the pollution is not being addressed, etc., but it is still better than most other developing countries. As for language I have given up on Georgian; it is just too difficult for me and I have seen few foreigners who are able to learn it. Russian is easier and more useful not just in Georgia but in surrounding countries and many countries in Eastern Europe. My problem with Georgia is not loneliness so much as a profound disappointment at the attitudes of Georgians. And it has only gotten worse since I wrote this. That said, I am still here, and hoping things improve. And yes, your money goes much farther; you can live a first world life on a third world budget if you make your money outside of Georgia. But you could also do that in Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, even Hungary or Poland.

Alexander Hay is a US lawyer now living in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Some have accused him of being a curmudgeon, but what do they know???? Noisy kids!

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